Our Quality

Details Make the Home

Some homes provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Others do not. The difference is in the details. Building codes mandate a minimum level of quality and safety, but we go the extra mile at every stage of your home’s construction. Here are some of the details we pay attention to so you never have to worry about them:

High-Efficiency HVAC
We use higher efficiency heating/cooling systems than required by code, leading to a lifetime of lower utility bills.

Extra Insulation
We insulate our attics with R60 insulation (code is R49). Our garage doors have R11 insulation (code is zero). We also insulate garage walls and ceiling (not required by code).

Airtight Houses
We take extra steps before insulating a home to make it even more efficient. When our homes are tested for airflow, they perform significantly above average.

Milgard Windows
We use Milgard brand windows with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Window Installation
To keep the wind and water out, we use flashing strips, metal flashing, and high quality caulk for all our windows.

Roof Ventilation
We use metal roof vents that don’t degrade in the summer sun, and always install electric attic fans for ventilation. Your shingles will last longer and your energy bill will be lower.

Painted Trim Edges
Once trim has been cut and hung, the edges can’t be painted. So we apply prime and topcoat to the edges before we install trim to prevent water damage.

Heavy-Duty Framing
We use more structural braces than required, and we set exterior and interior walls with glue. This prevents the passage of air and bugs and makes the home more solid.

Reinforced Concrete Surfaces
We reinforce our concrete surfaces with rebar or fiber, helping to protect if from cracks and separation.

Concrete to Siding Transitions
Our special techniques keep water away from the house and provide an aesthetically pleasing transition.

Power Glue Guns
We use power glue guns to install subfloors because they apply glue much more liberally than can be achieved with the manual gluing.

Double Gable Fascia Boards
Using double boards for the gable fascia provides a much richer look for your home.

Reinforced Floor Framing
We take extra steps to prevent your floor from creaking.

Glued Hardwood Floors
Gluing rather than merely stapling keeps a hardwood floor solid and reduces noise.

Quad Caulking
Some caulks attract dust, which creates a dark strip around windows. We use Quad Caulking which is engineered to not attract dust.

Epoxy Grout
Standard tile grout has to be resealed every few years to keep moisture away. Although more expensive and harder to work with, we use epoxy grout for a longer-lasting seal.

No-Step Showers
Unless the customer requests differently, we construct our showers with no step or curb for a more comfortable experience.

To learn more about our quality standards, contact us today.