Our Promise

Building Your Home Should Be a Rewarding Experience
hispanic-couple-outside-new-home-21156289Choosing to build or remodel your home is a big decision. You have dreams, questions, and a budget in mind. With 15 years of building experience, AAA General Construction knows how to partner with you at every step to make your building experience satisfying, rewarding, and drama-free.

Receive a Comprehensive Estimate – on Time
You deserve to know exactly how much your project will cost. We’ll provide an estimate with line items for every major item, including labor costs and details about the materials. No hidden charges. We’ll deliver the estimate within days – not weeks or months.

Hear Back from Us Quickly
Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to get in touch with your builder. When we’re working on your project, we commit to responding to your calls and texts within 24 hours. In most cases, you’ll hear from us within an hour or two.

Count on Our Flexibility
You may make a last-minute decision to change to your home’s design. If the concrete is about to be poured or the drywall almost installed, this creates a time-sensitive situation! We’re ready for these events and will respond quickly and flexibly to your needs.

Our Story

Andrey Kurnayev, owner of AAA General Construction.

For 15 years, Andrey Kurnayev has been focused on one thing: helping people achieve the home of their dreams.

Andrey began building in the Seattle market, where he learned advanced techniques for quality construction and moisture management. For the past 10 years, Andrey and AAA General Construction have focused on serving customers in the Walla Walla Valley.

“I love construction,” Andrey says. “It’s very rewarding to see a beautiful home come together where nothing existed before. But the fun part is helping people finally enjoy the home they’ve always wanted.”

Andrey recognizes that every building project is a journey, and each one starts with a conversation. “Give us a call or send a message and get to know us,” he says. “We’ll take time to listen and truly understand your goals and dreams. We’re here to serve you.”